With multiple makeshift hospitals being built in our major cities right now, you can’t help but think, is the worst yet to come?

That’s what I found myself pondering over my morning coffee.

Given the world is in lockdown, hundreds of thousands of people are sick and stock markets have crashed 30%+ in a month, the idea that things could get worse may seem far-fetched.

But look at the data from the real economy we’re starting to see and things start to look even grimmer.

For instance, Goldman Sachs forecast, jobless claims are about to explode to their highest level in decades.

Stress levels in the financial system are growing.

Much of the world’s high yield debt is now trading at “distressed” levels not seen since 2009.

Morgan Stanley economists have forecast that US GDP will plunge 30.1% between April and June.

We could be in for the deepest recession in history.

If that’s true and sustained this won’t just be a recession. It’ll be a depression. Perhaps a “greater” depression than 1929.

It’s worrying, for sure.  But it’s what comes next that I believe will take most people totally by surprise.

We could see a rare financial event take place.

One that could be far more dangerous for the financial system than anything we’ve seen so far.  I’d urge you to find out more about it while you can.

It’s crucial that you get clued up about ‘Financial Martial Law’.

I have worked out a practical loophole to help my clients move a portion of their money out of the traditional financial system, out of the reach of a government who will want to get their hands on it when the brown stuff hits the fan.

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