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Negative interest rates, are they coming to Britain?

I want you to STOP and start to imagine a world where the banks pay you to borrow money. Yes, you read that correctly. But I’ll say it again just to let it sink in. 

A world where the banks pay you to borrow money

No, this isn’t some science fiction novel, it exists in many parts of the world and this could happen in the UK.

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Top tips when buying a tenanted property

Since the release of buy to let mortgages in the 1990’s many investors have purchased properties to rent out. Many of these have gone on to become professional landlords, whereas some have found themselves becoming accidental landlords when coming into money.

Whether you are a new or professional landlord, here are our top tips that you should consider when purchasing a tenanted property.

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End of Lockdown

In the UK people are gradually being let off the leash as the lockdown begins to end. It seems that the full lockdown phase of the Covid-19 crisis is drawing to a close.

It’s still not clear how the end of lockdown will go. In other countries such as South Korea, they are shutting down parks and schools for the coming weeks due to new spike cases.

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The Next Economic Collapse

With multiple makeshift hospitals being built in our major cities right now, you can’t help but think, is the worst yet to come?

That’s what I found myself pondering over my morning coffee.

Given the world is in lockdown, hundreds of thousands of people are sick and stock markets have crashed 30%+ in a month, the idea that things could get worse may seem far-fetched.

But look at the data from the real economy we’re starting to see and things start to look even grimmer.

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This Was Kept A Secret

Three weeks ago, one of my cousins came out of a two-week meditation retreat in Sweden. She was totally isolated. No phone, no internet, nothing. Just her and the silence of the Nordic nature.

And when she came out, the world was a VERY different place. Just two weeks meditating under a rock, and when she emerged, the world had changed forever.

Which made me think:

What will the world look like when WE come out of our own little “retreat”?

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The Bank of England Has Created A Big Opportunity

The Bank of England has cut the UK’s key interest rate to just 0.1%, making it very clear that it really will do whatever it takes. If you’re a saver, look away now.

OK, you’re probably not losing much more of the vast amount of interest you are not currently being paid on your savings. Cutting the base rate to 0.1% from 0.25% does very little in practical terms.

Boris is embracing money printing even faster than you’d expect

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Day Zero

You’ll wake up one morning. You’ll flick on the television. Get the coffee going and amid the burbling, you hear it “It’s safe to go outside.”

Day zero has arrived.

They say the school gates are being unlocked. They say people can go back to work. They say that airplanes will take off, borders will re-open and that life will go back to the way it was.

But that’s not true. I think you already sense it. Too much has changed too quickly.

Life will not be the same.

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